unidentified Lilium species ex Trabzon/Turkey




Laboratory comment:
We received seeds of this lilium some years ago from Öztürk. No further hint of the plants´ identity has been given. Due to the habitat it´s likely that it will be about Lilium szovitsianum or kesselringianum, of both it got reportet they might occur in that area, too. But what seems unusual are the very dark coloured bulbs which also stays when the bulbs are kept in complete darkness during the “artificial” winter-rest. We still stick to the description of the area where the seeds have been taken but get more and more convinced that it is about another lilium-species, maybe a dark-orange coloured Lilium ponticum.

Lilium species ex Turkey/Trabzon (kesselring/szovits.) # 1 ÖZ (02.17) (LTrab1)
source: Öztürk, Turkey
germination (09.17)