Books we recommend, offering useful information about lilium-species and their adequate cultivation:

  • The lily species and their bulbs, Pontus Wallstén
  • The lilies of China, Haw, Stephen G.
  • Lilies. A revision of Elwes’ Monograph of the Genus Lilium and its Supplements, Synge Patrick
  • Lilium, Frederic P. Miller
  • Growing Lilies, Derek Fox
  • Lilies, their Culture and Management, Woodcock, H. Drysdale
  • Lilies of the World, Hubert Drysdale Woodcock, William Thomas Stearn
  • Lilies: A Guide for Growers and Collectors, McRae, Edward Austin
  • Lilies and related Plants, RHS magazines



Books for propagating lilies (and other plants) in-vitro under artificial conditions, aiming at the different steps and processes like tissue-culture, sub-culture, medium-recipes, phyto-hormones, inducing callus-formation, provoking rooting, influencing shoot-development, re-plating seedlings, finalizing the in-vitro phase and how to acclimatize and prepare the plants for their life ex-vitro:

  • Applications of Plant Tissue Culture, Kumar Suresh K., Ponmurugan P.
  • Plant Cell and Tissue Culture. A Laboratory Manual, Reinert J., Yeomann M.
  • Plant Tissue Culture: Protocols In Plant Biotechnology, M. Gayatri
  • Plant tissue-culture. Theory and practicals, Pullaiah T. 
  • Phytohormones, F.W. Went
  • Experiments in Plant tissue culture, John Dodds, Lorin Roberts