10th of September 2022

Dear lily-mates, colleagues & friends of the lilium-species 😉 world!
We are extremely late in publishing our actual lily-list but now it´s online. Some new species might be added within the next weeks depending on their individual development. The summer´s heat cared for a lot of troubles in our laboratory, too, so there are just a few plants per species listed.
Our task preparing first orders has started already now, thanks for orders and trust. There will be no delay posting them within the next days.
Next step will be caring for the exports to North America (organized by Mr. Patrick Brown) and to UK.
Referring the UK-list please send an email: office@lilium-tc.com
Conercning the events for 2023 we will start in Knechtsteden (Germany) in February.

5th of June 2022

1.) We actualized the upcoming events/plant-markets we are going to participate. You will find the Show-dates at the button “events”

2.) Exports to Japan run fine again after solving some problems. We kindly ask all customers from outside Europe to keep up-to-date to actual import-issues and forwarding the information to us. The clearer we know what your local customs is expecting the easier and faster will be the export and the arrival of your plants.

3.) The next plant-export to America is planned for late September, October 2022. The plant-list for America will be published in August 2022. The export will be organized by Patrick Brown again.

4.) First export to UK (after the Brexit) will be organized via Richard Hyde. A special UK-list will be published in September 2022. We are happy supporting our friends and colleagues from UK with lilies again.



Planned spring-imports to America will be postponed to fall 2022. Exports to Russia, China and Japan will happen in spring 2022, preferably as bulk orders. We kindly ask our customers to pay attention to the current import laws of their country. We are willing to adapt to the relevant export-rules as far as possible.

We noiw reached the final aim with some of the lily species in sufficient clonal diversity. We ask for your understanding that we will phase out the one or the other species as far as commercialization is concerned. We like working in the lab and there are corresponding lily species in the webstore for many months. But for us there is also a life outside the laboratory. Therefore we will send the last packages at the end of May and then take a creative break. Brexit did not affect us, but it concerns us, leaving us behind with sadness. Even though UK exports only made up around 5% of our market segment, we are no longer able to make some important contacts in the usual way. Some of our plants that we have in a conservation-culture in England are still there and we will leave them for the time being. We are still interested taking part at English plantmarkets, exhibitions and plant days from 2023 on. The way would not be too far for us, but the regulations currently prevent any form of planning. Anyhow we




1.) We are unexpectedly faced with export-troubles to Japan. Although plants are applied with a valid phytosan. certification the Japanese customs are holding them back and notoriously asking for further information. Pleasebe so kind if you order from Japan get in contact to us first! Previous orders to Japan in 2021 passed the customs without any problems.

2.) We totally appreciate if you send seeds to us but please take note informing us before. Please respect that we don´t occupy with hybrids – without exception.



Germination has already set in at some recently sown out lilies et al.:

Lilium davidii var. unicolor (Joe Astarita), Lilium amabile red strain (Joe Astarita), Calochortus kennedyi (Keith Baldie)




Lilium lijiangense Finn Carlsen, 2021

We are finishing 2021, have been successful in shipping our plants to many far destinations. We thank our customers for being interested in our lilies.

As usual we take time now for diverse sowing processes:

Lilium martagon var. pilosiusculum (Herbert Reisinger) Lilium kelleyanum (Martin Toon), Lilium pardalinum var. pardalinum (Gordon Hogenson), Lilium fargesii (Martin Toon), Lilium buschianum (Peter Janises), Lilium papilliferum (Martin Toon), Lilium lijiangense BO 057 (orange clone, dark-red spotted, Bjoernar Olsen), Lilium gloriosoides Mainland China red x white (Erwin Wenger), Lilium leucanthum var. centifolium (Luka Golemac), Lilium fargesii (Peter Shotter), Lilium cordatum red-strain (Finn Carlsen), Lilium lankongense (Finn Carlsen), Lilium lijiangense 1 (Finn Carlsen), Lilium lijiangense 2 (Finn Carlsen), Lilium nepalense var. nepalense (Finn Carlsen), Lilium oxypetalum var. insigne (Finn Carlsen), Erythronium grandiflorum (Sam Pearson), Calochortus clavatus (Sam Pearson),Erythronium revolutum johnsonii (Sam Pearson), Erythronium oregonum (Sam Pearson), Erythronium revolutum (Sam Pearson), Lilium philadelphicum (Joe Astarita), Lilium davidii var. unicolor (Joe Astarita), Lilium amabile red strain (Joe Astarita), Calochortus kennedyi (Keith Baldie), Calochortus albus (Keith Baldie), Calochortus aureus (Keith Baldie), Lilium lankongense (Finn Carlsen), Lilium concolor var. mutsuanum (yellow strain, Katsuro Arakawa), Tricyrtis latifolia (Sam Peason), Lilium pardanthinum (Alan Mitchell), Lilium concolor var. pulchellum (Martin Toon),  Lilium bulbiferum var. chaixii (Pierre LaCroix), Lilium mackliniae (dark strain Mel Herbert), Lilium duchartrei (Martin Toon), Lilium martagon var. martagon (Ötscher), Lilium wardii (Henrik Zebrowsky),



Orders are in preparation to get sent, some already completed and delivered. Thanks in the name of Mavie & Montaine (who did that job recently).


Initiation of tc of following species started after the previous tc has been completed:

Lilium amabile var luteum cl 3x
Lilium apertum cl 2x
Lilium apertum cl 3x
Lilium auratum var pictum cl 4x
Lilium bosniacum cl 3x
Lilium bulbiferrum f croceum cl 5x
Lilium bulbiferum f bulbiferum cl 7x
Lilium CF primulinum cl 3x
Lilium ciliatum cl 3x
Lilium ciliatum cl 2x
Lilium debile cl 3x
Lilium debile cl 3x
Lilium duchartrei cl 3x
Lilium duchartrei cl 2x
Lilium forrestii cl 1x
Lilium forrestii cl 2x
Lilium gloriosoides ML Jiangxie cl 2x
Lilium gongshanense cl 3x
Lilium hansonii cl 2x
Lilium jankae cl 2x
Lilium jankae cl 2x
Lilium japonicum Gifu cl 2x
Lilium kelleyanum cl 3x
Lilium ledebourii cl 4x
Lilium leichtlinii var maximowiczii cl 2x
Lilium leucanthum var leucanthum cl 3x
Lilium mackliniae cl 2x
Lilium mackliniae cl 2x
Lilium mackliniae Naga cl 2x
Lilium medeoloides cl 2x
Lilium medeoloides cl 3x
Lilium meleagrinum cl 4x
Lilium nanum cl 4x
Lilium nevadense cl 3x
Lilium pardanthinum album cl 3x
Lilium pardanthinum album cl 2x
Lilium pardanthinum cl 2x
Lilium parryi cl 3x
Lilium mart. piliosculum cl 4x
Lilium poilanei cl 3x
Lilium poilanei cl 4x
Fritillaria recurva cl 2x
Lilium sanguineum var purpureum cl 3x
Lilium sargentiae cl 2x
Lilium speciosum var clivorum cl 3x
Lilium speciosum var clivorum cl 1x
Lilium speciosum var album cl 3x
Lilium taliense Kaichen cl 2x
Lilium taliense Kaichen cl 1x
Lilium taliense Kaichen cl 3x
Lilium unidentified species China 2, clone 17 – likely unusual coloured Lilium fargesii cl / re 1x
Lilium unidentified species China 2, clone 17 – likely unusual coloured Lilium fargesii cl / re 1x
Lilium vollmeri cl 2x


The summer is passing by quickly, nights get cooler. It´s time now to renew the store and add some more lilies, replacing already published species and clones. The new list should be finished within the next days and will be updated as soon as possible. The moment it goes online orders will be possible. Lilies grew fine the last 2 months over. Thanks for your all patience. Some more things will be changed at the website in order to make it more comfortable for visitors and customers.


Our webshop is closed through the summer-months as the plants would suffer from a shipment due to the temperatures. The Shop will be re-opened end of August/beginning of September with some new species which will be added. Some species of the last months are already sold out with some of their clones and these clones won´t be propagated anymore as we already work on other species.

We succeeded in some essential exports to America and are going to take up exports in fall again. Some pre-orders have already been announced. In any case please inform about your local import-regulations before placing an order. Especially to overseas-destinations we are tried to combine orders to a kind of bulk-order. That saves at import-costs, postage, import-fees and makes things less complicated. For overseas-export we are in collaboration with a new post-partner, shipping plants via DHLexpress. This plainly increases the postage but cares for a fast transport with no serious delay.

Following bulk-exports to far destinations are already planned for autumn: 1x to Russia, 1-2 x to Japan, 2 x to America, 1 x to Canada. Due to the phytosan. certification all overseas-exports have to be planned in advance, partly plainly in advance. Since Brexit the situation for exports to UK has become worse, never the less we plan 2 exports to UK as well but likely won´t be able to support the RHS online bulb-auction, taking part in October 2021, with some surplus bulbs of rare and rarest species anymore, what we deeply regret. We are still stubborn enough to believe things will improve in the course of time.

Within the EU and EU third States there are no problems or difficulties shipping plants to. Moreover we can rely on the local Austrian Post-Service that parcels are delivered carefully and right in time. We had problems shipping plants to Croatia in the recent past and blame the local post-service for. An order is still pending and we are trying to ship the plants personally via Zagreb in September.

Within the last 10 months numerous Lilium-bulbs have been sent throughout the globe finding a new home, sheltered and protected under your skilled hands. Thanks for your orders, thanks for sticking to lilies belonging to the division IX and that you offer them the chance to grow and to persist. Now it´s time giving a little rest to ourselves, too, but already at the end of July the plants for autumn ´21 are prepared to get listed and finally published. Due to the vacancies of our own inquiries might be answered with a little delay.

All the best, Matthias


New items have been added to the webstore.

Some recently sown out seeds started to germinate, especially the different nanum-types.


Some further species have been added to the store. Actually just a few, lilies awoke late from their winter-rest and we didn´t touch the tissue-cultures until now. Some of the tc-clones will be added within the next weeks.


sowing of Lilium unidentified species # 2 (aff. nanum) (Yijia Wang), Lilium mackliniae white form # 1 AM ´02.21/LmackWF1 (Mitchell), Lilium rubescens # 4 MS ´02.21/Lrubesc4 (Skinner), Lilium apertum blue pollinia SG # 5 ´02.21/Lapert4 (Garvie), Lilium jinfushanense # 1 AM ´11.18/Ljinf1 (Mitchell), Lilium parvum # 4 MH wild collected 01.21 (Lparv2), Lilium maritimum # 3 MT ´02.21/Lmarit3 (Toon),


sowing of Lilium formosanum # 4 (Masci), Lilium medeoloides # 9 (Ihara), Lilium sealyi # 3 (Garvie/Olsen), Lilium occidentale # 4 (Toon), Lilium henryi var. citrinum (Arakawa), Lilium bulbiferum var. croceum red form # 3 (Crook);


sowing of Lilium superbum (Herbert), Lilium sealyi (Herbert), Lilium poilanei (Herbert), Lilium humboldtii var. humboldtii (Herbert), Lilium cernuum (Herbert), Lilium mckliniae dark form (Herbert), Lilium rubescens (Herbert), Lilium nobilissimum 8120 (Arakawa), Lilium nobilissimum 812020 (Arakawa), Lilium nobilissimum 81020 (Arakawa), Lilium grayi dark form (Toon);


Lilium matangense, new clone added to the Shop, Lilium matangense # Lmatang1.8


sowing of Lilium cf primulinum ex Vietnam (Zale), Lilium wardii (Homick), Lilium iridollae type A (Boucher), Lilium iridollae type B (Boucher), Lilium ponticum var. artvinense (Crook), Lilium michauxii dark red x dark red (Carter), Lilium nanum var. flavidum (Garvie), Lilium gongshanense (Garvie), Lilium saluenense (Garvie);