Lilium tsingtauense



Lilium tsingtauense Gilg 1904

From China (Anhui, Shandong) to Korea; moist places in open forests

Laboratory comment:
Dutch breeders took care of wider tepals at Lilium tsingtauense, what is naturally quite unusual. Maybe then these flowers are more attractive? In any case, Lilium tsingtauense occurs in natural habitats only with narrow tepals. And so we only multiplied and cloned these.

Lilium tsingtauense in courtesy of Steve Garvie

sowing Lilium tsingtauense # 1 S ´09.17 (Ltsing1)
<10% germination, seedlings –> transformed and stored as callus

sowing Lilium tsingtauense # 2 RHS ´10.18 (Ltsing2)
50% germination, seedlings –> tissue-culture (04.20)

bulbs Lilium tsingtauense bulbs/scales # 3 S ´04.18 (Ltsing3)
potted, reserve-stock

sowing Lilium tsingtauense McRae # 4 LSF ´11.18 (Ltsing4)
75% germination, seedlings –> tissue-culture (04.20)

in courtesy of Alan Mitchell

product-image in courtesy of Henrik Zebrowsky