Lilium ciliatum



Lilium ciliatum P. H. Davis 1965

Native to Turkey and its southern and southeastern shores of the Black Sea; at 1.500 – 2.400 m altitude in woodland and scrub or in meadows

sowing Lilium ciliatum # 1 Poul (11.16) (Lcil1)
source: Gunhild Poulsen, Denmark
50% germination
tissue-culture (09.19)

sowing Lilium ciliatum # 2 RHS (02.17) (Lcil2)
source: RHS lily-group, UK
75% germination

sowing Lilium ciliatum # 3 HZ (10.18) (Lcil3)
source: Henrik Zebrowski, Norway
failed due to contamination (11.18)
re-disinfection failed (07.19)

sowing Lilium ciliatum # 4 SW (09.19) (Lcil4)
source: Sue Wallbank, Australia
50% germination

sowing Lilium ciliatum # 5 AM (11.18) (Lcil5)
source: Alan Mitchell, Scotland
75% germination
these clones are mentioned on a different page

scales Lilium ciliatum scales # 1 Öz (02.17) (Lcil1)
source: Öztürk, Turkey
tissue-culture failed due to contamination (05.17)

in courtesy of Berthold Gross

product-image in courtesy of Alan Mitchell (Lcil5)