Lilium henrici Franchet 1898

China (Sichuan, Yunnan)

sowing Lilium henrici natural habitat # 2 AM 10.20 (Lhenric2)
25% germination: seedlings –> tissue-culture (09.20)

sowing Lilium henrici W/O-9152 # 1 BO ´03.17 (Lhenric1)
25% germination: seedlings –> tissue-culture (06.19)

Bjørnar Olsen added: seeds collected in Yunnan Nujiang, western-side of Biluo Xueshan, altitude 2850m; pale pink, the flowers seem to open up considerably more in cultivation. Collected on the slopes of Biluo Xueshan, opposite Fugong, on the Mekong (Lancangjiang) – Salween (Nujiang) divide, not too far from the type location

in courtersy of Alan Mitchell

in-situ in courtersy of Bjørnar Olsen

in-situ in courtersy of Bjørnar Olsen