Lilium aff. amoenum



Lilium aff. amoenum
(Lilium amoenum Wilson 1920)

Lilium amoenum is Chiness origin (Yunnan), Kunming, Changchongshan; altitude 2.200 m.

Comment of Bjørnar Olsen:
We gratefully received the seeds in autumn 2019 from Bjørnar Olsen who added: “We know Lilium amoenum grows on this mountain, and this particular seed pod looked rather different from the L. bakerianum rubrum around it – longer, completely wilted foliage, a shorter stem – and a smaller pod …”

Laboratory comment:
We sowed about 50 seeds of this species in January 2020 and could observe a beginning germination already 2 weeks later, maybe due to the freshness and thus high viability of these seeds. Finally we succeeded in an almost 100% germination within 4 weeks, what is rather seldom due to the chemical treatment of the disinfection-procedure. The germination modus typically belongs to the kind of “immediate epigeal germination” but we actually find some differences in the way these seedlings develop comparing all amoenum-clones we have ever sown before.
The first 2 clones have already been transferred to tissue-culture in Septepmber 2020. As usual about 6 clones will be propagated this way finally.
We are still looking for the mystic and forgotten species Lilium sempervivoideum, closely related to Lilium amoenum. An aff. amoenum attracts us bearing the chance it could possibly be the beloved semperviv´.

sowing Lilium aff. amoenum W/O-9147 # 1 (12.19) (Laffamoen1)
source: Bjoernar Olsen, Norway/China
100% germination, seedlings –>
tissue-culture (09.20)