Lilium nevadense



Lilium nevadense  Eastw.

from the Sierra Nevada to Oregon

Taxonomy: Kews keep Lilium nevadense for a non-valid species but a synonym of Lilium shastense, which in turn is not a valid species either but kept for a sub-species of Lilium pardalinum, whereas other authors keep Lilium nevadense for Lilium kelleyanum.

Laboratory comment: We received seeds from a not really (!) trustful American source a couple of months ago (2019), we neither got a picture nor any hint where it was found or taken from. Thus not unhappy having just a very low germination actually. We do not have a good feeling to reproduce and later offer species we are not convinced of their source and a correct identity. So we can argue “this” nevadense is the most smoothing low-germinating species in our collection actually.

sowing Lilium nevadense # 1 TC (03.20) (Lnev1)
source: Terry Charlton, USA
starting germination (09.20)
tc (07.21)

Product-image in courtesy of RHS Lily Group