Lilium vollmeri Eastw.

Lilium vollmeri is kept as closely related to Lilium pardalinum, thus referring to Kews subsumed as subspecies under the latter species. However, we consider it useful for our purposes to list Lilium vollmeri separately by not contradicting the taxonomy-aspect.

This lily occurs in SW Oregon to NW California

sowing Lilium vollmeri # 1 MW ´12.16 (Lvoll1)

bulbs Lilium vollmeri bulbs/scales # 2 PW ´12.18 (Lvoll2)
potted, reserve-stock

sowing Lilium vollmeri # 3 RHS´02.20 (Lvoll3a)
awaiting germination (08.20)

sowing Lilium vollmeri # 4 FE ´09.19 (Lvoll4)
50% germination, seedlings

sowing Lilium vollmeri # 03 DT ´10.17 (Lvoll3b)
25% germination, seedlings –> tissue-culture (03.20)

in courtesy of Alan Mitchell

in courtesy of Peter & Henny Shotter

product-image in courtesy of Pontus Wallstén