Lilium lophophorum



Lilium lophophorum Franchet 1898

China (Sichuan, Xizang, Yunnan); forests, bushy slopes, alpine grasslands, altitude 2.500 – 4.500 m

Sometimes lophophora with pink colours are shown, partly as bulb-offers. Sometimes lophophorum turns pink when the flowers are fading or when the bulb itself is extremely stressed and about to die off.

in courtesy of Bjørnar Olsen

sowing Lilium lophophorum # 1 VlSt (11.16) (Lloph#1)
source: Vladimir Stanek, Czech Republic
callus formation –> tissue-culture

Lilium lophophorum # 3 YW (10.19) (Lloph#3)
source: Yijia Wang, China
less than 10% germination (´07.20)

Lilium lophophorum 16-064 # 2 BO (03.17) (Lloph16-064)
source: Bjoernar Olsen, Norway / Chia
50% germination
tissue-culture (03.19)

product-image in courtesy of Steven Garvie