Lilium albanicum Griseb. 1984

Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia; 800 – 1.400 m

Laboratory comment:
In 2016 and 2018 Lilium albancium seeds were obtained from several habitats in Montenegro and Macedonia. Germination was rather low, so we can currently only cultivate around 60 different clones, of which four different clones from different habitats were added to the tissue-culture in early 2019.

Lilium albanicum in courtesy of Abdulla Dikou

sowing Lilium albanicum ex Macedonia# 1 Slk ´11.16 (Lalb1)
seedlings –> tissue-culture (02.20)

sowing Lilium albanicum ex Monte Negro# 2 VSt ´11.16 (Lalb2)
seedlings –> tissue-culture (01.20)

sowing Lilium albanicum Mt. Stogovo ex Macedonia # 3 MR ´04.18 (Lalb3)
seedlings –> tissue-culture (11.19)
re-sow (01.21)

product-image in courtesy of Ernst Gügel