Lilium hansonii (Korea-type)



Lilium hansonii D. T. Moore 1871

Native to Ullung-Do and Takeshima Islands off the coast of Korea and the Diamond and Negita mountains in Korea itself, moreover eastern Siberia and there are some habitats in Japan; the species grows in humus deposits on rocky cliffs. This strain, carrying red to ox-blood red petals is the real described specimen.

product-image in courtesy of Darm Crook

Laboratory comment: Darm Crook added, this form was grown from RHS seed exchange where it was listed as wild collected. It is typical in all ways to the type except for the colour, a very dark ox-blood red. It also appears to be a little more vigorous then the type which may imply hybrid status

sowing Lilium hansonii red strain # 1 DC ´01.21 (Lhansred3)
source: Darm Crook, USA

product-image in courtesy of Darm Crook