Lilium washingtonianum Kellogg 1859

Sierra Nevada, Mount Shasta, Cascade Range); steep coniferous slopes at subalpine elevations  of 1.000 – 2.000 m

Kews accept two infraspefics in variation of Lilium washingtonianum subsp. purpurascens (Stearn) M.W.Skinner and Lilium washingtonianum subsp. washingtonianum.

Laboratory comment:
We are not absolutely certain that the different clones of (Lwashwash1) will appear as washingtonianum subsp. washingtonianum, which should develop pure white flowers. We are more likely to be certain of the clones of (Lwashwash2) which arrived from Botanical Inclined, since these sourced seedlings do not develop any red pigments (caratonoids, melanin) even when exposed to intensive light. Never the less total certainty cannot be given here. In any case we will focus on tc at the red-pigment-less seedlings here only.

Laboratory comment:
Propagation: sowing
sowing Lilium washingtonianum subsp. washingtonianum # 1 Bot.Incl.´10.19 (Lwashwash1)
germination –> seedlings

sowing Lilium washingtonianum subsp. ? # 1 Pit ´12.16 (Lwash1)
germination –> seedlings

product-image in courtesy of Alan Mitchell