Lilium rubellum Baker 1898

Japan (Honshu); from 900 – 1.800 m; on grassy slopes in the near of water

Laboratory comment:
We received bulbs of that very rare Lilium rubellum variation from Pontus Wallstén. It´s uncertain if seeds of the variation won´t fall back into the normal pink form why we decided cloning the bulbs. Late in 2021 further bulbs of var. album have been donated from Japan.

bulbs/scales Lilium rubellum var. album # 1 PW ´10.21 (Lrubellalb1)
source: Pontus Wallstén, Switzerland
tc-preparation (10.21)

bulbs/scales Lilium rubellum var. album # 2 JK ´11.21 (Lrubellalb2)
source: Jun Kurita, Japan
tc-preparation (01.21)

product-image in courtesy of Pontus Wallstén