Lilium regale Wilson 1912

Restricted to a considerably small area in China (Sichuan);
preferred at river banks

Dutch breeders produced a very robust Lilium regale, which is certainly the toughest garden lily ever. This cultivar no longer has much in common with the Chinese Lilium regale. It was therefore our endeavor to return to Chinese origin, to multiply it and present it finally.

sowing Lilium regale # 1 Chi ´11.16 (Lreg1)
25% germination, seedlings (could be of Dutch origin)

sowing Lilium regale # 2 MH ´11.16 (Lreg2)
failed, viability expired

sowing Lilium regale # 3 FR ´11.16 (Lreg3)
given up, could have been genetically contaminated with Dutch regale

sowing Lilium regale (4n) # 4 PW ´01.17 (Lreg4)
less than 25% germination, seedlings

sowing Lilium regale (4n) # 6 PW ´12.19 (Lreg6)
given up
re-sow (01.21)
germination (02.21)

sowing Lilium regale Chen Yi # 5 LSF ´11.18 (Lreg5)
almost 50% germination, seedlings (meant for tissue-culture to a later term)

sowing Lilium regale Sechuan China # 1 Slk ´11.16 (LregSlk1)
75% germination, seedlings (meant for tissue-culture to a later term as of direct Chinese stock)

product-image Lilium regale in courtesy of Steve Garvie