Lilium pumilum de Candolle 1812

China, Korea, Mongolia, Russia; forest margins, grassy slopes

Lilium pumilum

Laboratory comment:
It has little sense only propagating Lilium pumilum in-vitro or even more to perform it on tissue-culture. Lilium pumilum is inflationarily available on the plant-market, no sign of any risk getting extinct in its natural, widespread habitats.
Yet we keep sowing Lilium pumilum to test new nutrient media and additives, observing the seedlings´ reactions as the seeds germinate fast.
But finally, there is our aim of laboratory-work for two clone-strains: Lilium pumilum Golden Gleam, an orange-yellow clone, which we already keep successfully in tissue- culture.
And Lilium pumilum Yellow Bunting, a purely yellow Lilium pumilum which, too, comes true from seeds.

sowing Lilium pumilum # 1 Chi´11.16 (Lpum1)
100% germination and constant re-sowings

sowing Lilium pumilum # 3 SW ´11.16 (Lpum3)
100% germination and constant re-sowings

sowing Lilium pumilum # 4 S ´08.17 (Lpum4)
100% germination and constant re-sowings

Lilium pumilum Golden Gleam
in courtesy of Joe Astarita

sowing Lilium pumilum Golden Gleam McRae# 1 LSF ´11.18 (LpumGG1)
almost 100% germination, seedlings –> tissue-culture (05.20)
tissue-culture (09.20)

product-image in courtesy of Peter Teichner