Lilium pseudotigrinum Carrière

Description & Taxonomy: This Lilium´s taxonomy is unclear. Kews regard it as a synonym for Lilium leichtlinii var. maximowiczii (Regel) Baker recently.
Pontus Wallsten wrote: “Discovered in 1999 in the Zapovny Mountains in Russia, this fabulous lily species is in fact NOT lilium tigrinum (lancifolium). It is different, with more rounded flowers and a slight difference in colour of the petals and its spotting.”

Origin: Kamtschatka

bulb Lilium pseudotigrinum bulb/scales # 1 PW ´12.19 (Lpseudotig1)
planting failed (05.20)

bulbils Lilium pseudotigrinum bulbils # 2 PW ´12.19 (Lpseudotig2)
tissue-culture (08.20)

bulb Lilium pseudotigrinum bulb/scales # 3 PW ´11.20 (Lpseudotig1)
tissue-culture (11.20)

product-image in courtesy of Pontus Wallstèn