Lilium poilanei



Lilium poilanei Gagnepain 1934

Vietnam, Laos, China (Yunnan); altitude about 2.000 m; mostly on cliffs

bulbs Lilium poilanei bulbs/scales # 1 PW ´12.18 (Lpoil1)
potted –> tissue-culture failed (09.19)

bulbs Lilium poilanei bulbs/scales # 2 Pit ´10.19 (Lpoil2)
tissue-culture failed (11.19)

sowing Lilium poilanei # 3 YW ´12.19 (Lpoil3)
starting germination (05.20), seedlings and enough clones already presented (08.20)

Lilium poilanei in courtesy of Steve Garvie

darker clone of Lilium poilanei, in courtesy of Alan Mitchell

sowing Lilium poilanei # 4 MH ´11.20 (Lpoil4)
Lpoil4 was collected in 2012 by Mitchell. These clones grew on limestome near Sapa in NW Vietnam at an altitude of about 1.600 m.
sowing (01.21)

Lilium poilanei of Chinese origin, in courtesy of Alan Mitchell

product-image in courtesy of Steve Garvie