Lilium parvum



Lilium parvum Kellogg 1862

Native range is N. Central California to W. Nevada

Laboratory comment:
Parvum Halliday shows dark-pink colours and this strain comes true from seeds. Although far rarer in the wild it was quite easy acquiring forma Halliday and it took years fianlly until we could get hold of seeds of the usual orange-red Lilium parvum. Grateful thanks to Gene Mirro who supported us getting to that amazing colour-types and patterns turning from yellow until orange and red.
Early 2021 we obtained further wild-collected seeds of parvum, collected in Sierra Nevada by Michael. Thanks!
Lilium parvum generally has proved not to be a long-lived species in culture and it takes a constant re-sowing to keep up a stock what usually works fine and fast. Some of our Lilium parvum Halliday seedlings attempted to flower already within the flasks in less than 12 months. As those “early-bloomers” usually will flower to death soon we will focus on slower growing clones for tc developing a bulb of considerable size first.

sowing Lilium parvum # 1 GM (08.20) (Lparv1)
source: Gene Mirro, USA
sowing (01.21)
poor germination but enough clones for our aims (07.21)
tc (10.22)

seeds of Lilium parvum, Sierra Nevada

sowing Lilium parvum # 4 MH wild collected (01.21) (Lparv2)
Habitat: Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, collected in November 2020
source: Melvyn herbert, Wales
sowing (01.21)
just a few clones developed/germinated (08.21)
tc (10.22)

product-image of Lilium parvum in courtesy of Alan Mitchell