Lilium nepalense var. nepalense



Lilium nepalense D. Don 1821

China South-Central, East Himalaya, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Tibet, West Himalaya

Lilium nepalense var. nepalense: smaragd-green flowers showing a deep purple centre
Lilium nepalense var. concolor: lemon-green flowers as acolour of the entire flower
Lilium nepalense var. robustum: comes close to Lilium nepalense var. nepalense but is taller in habitus

Lilium nepalense var. concolor in courtesy of Öztürk

Laboratory comment:
We are tried to keep the three variations apart from each other but a reliable source as a base is still missing.

sowing Lilium nepalense # 1 Chi (01.17) (Lnep1)
germination –> seedlings

in courtesy of Alan Mitchel

sowing Lilium nepalense # 2 RHS (02.17) (Lnep2)
source: RHS lily-group, UK
germination –> seedlings

bulbs Lilium nepalense bulbs/scales # 3 HG (05.18) (Lnep3)
planted, reserve-stock

sowing Lilium nepalense # 4 RHS (02.20) (Lnep4)
source: RHS lily-group, UK
germination –> seedlings

sowing Lilium nepalense # 5 Toon (03.21) (Lnep5)
source: Martin Toon, New Zealand
sowing: (10.21)
germination: (11.21)
tc: (05.22)

bulbs/scalesLilium nepalense # 6 Larz (10.21) (Lnep6)
tc-preparation (10.21)
source: Larz Danielsson, Sweden
tc: (11.21)

sowing Lilium nepalense # 7 TW (10.22) (Lnep7)
source: Terance Wagg, Wales

sowing Lilium nepalense # 8 FC (10.22) (Lnep8)
source: Finn Carlsen, Denmark
sowing: (11.22)
germination: (12.23)

bulbs/scalesLilium nepalense # 9 Wallstén (04.23) (Lnep9)
tc-preparation (05.23)
source: Pontus Wallstén, Switzerland
tc: (05.23)

product-image in courtesy of Tony Willis