Lilium martagon var. martagon f. albiflorum



Lilium martagon Linnaeus 1753

Kew Gardens just accept two infraspecifics among Lilium martagon, as there is Lilium martagon var. martagon (habitats among Europe) and the Asian Lilium martagon var. pilosiusculum. As there are far more at least colour-strains we leave Kews´ point of view once more.

This varity formerly grew in Croatia, in the area of Zagreb, but habitats disappeared within the last decades. So this varity exists in some cultivations only.

sowing Lilium martagon var. albiflorum # 1 Guss ´01.17 (Lmartalbflor1)
source: Martin Gussmagg, Austria
50% germination, seedlings

sowing Lilium martagon var. albiflorum # 2 Amann ´01.18 (Lmartalbflor2)
source: Eveline Amann, Austria
75% germination, seedlings

product-image in courtesy of E.A.