Lilium tenii (lijiangense) orange strains



Lilium tenii H.Lév.
We still keep to the name Lilium lijiangense as this is how we got the seeds from diverse sources.

China (W Sichuan, NW Yunnan); altitude 2.900 – 3.400 m

sowing Lilium lijiangense Mel # 7 MH (11.20) (Llij7.o)
= orange clone
source: Melvyn Herbert, Wales
germination (04.21)

sowing Lilium lijiangense PX # 8 (10.20) (Llij8.o)
= orange clone
source: Patrick Xie, China

sowing Lilium lijiangense SG # 9 (10.20) (Llij8.o)
= orange clone with red spots
source: Steve Garvie, Scotland
sowing: (04.23)
germination: (08.23)

orange clone in courtesy of B. Olsen

orange clone in courtesy of Melvyn Herbert

flowering picture in courtesy of Susan Band