Lilium gongshanense



Lilium (Nomocharis) gongshanense Y. d. Gao et X, J. He

West China in the Gaoligonghsan Range, close the border to Myanmar; sunny grassy and bushy slopes on limestone soils, about 3.200 m

Laboratory comment:
We gratefully got seeds of this species entrusted. Thanks, Steve!
These seeds derive from Bjørnar Olsen´s seed-batch BO16-089 from 2016 and do represent the next generation already. It seems they have grown pretty fast.

sowing Lilium gongshanense # 1 SG (08.20) (Lgong1)
source: Steven Garvie
sowing (01.21)
germination (02.21)
tc (04.22)

bulb/scales Lilium gongshanense # 2 Finn Carlsen (09.20) (Lgong2)
source: Finn Carlsen
tissue-culture: 12.20
virus-tested: confirmed as virus-free (04.21)

sowing Lilium gongshanense # 3 LX (10.21) (Lgong3)
source: L. Xie, China
sowing (10.21)
germination (11.21)
tc (08.22)

sowing Lilium gongshanense # 4 FC (10.23) (Lgong4)
source: Finn Carlsen, Denmark

product-image in courtesy of Steven Garvie