Lilium georgei



Lilium georgei (W. E. Evans) Sealy 1950 (formerly Nomocharis georgei)

Myanmar; open stony alpine meadows; altitude 2.700-3.400 m

Laboratory comment:
It´s about a species which comes very close in habitus and colour to Lilium souliei

Bjørnar Olsen added: ” … I wanted to write a brief note on BO-13-057: I originally listed the seeds as Lilium souliei, since that was the species listed as growing at the Yaping pass on “Biodiversity of the Hengduan Mountains”. Two weeks ago I discovered a new paper by Gao et al. identifying the species in this location as L. saccatum, a species previously only registered further west in Tibet. Turns out George Forrest collected the type specimen of Lilium (Nomocharis) georgei just a few miles to the south, a species that seem to have been largely forgotten, possibly because he collected it in an area that used to be Burmese.
While I haven’t visited the location where Forrest found Lilium georgei, it seems rather unlikely that there would be two “black” flowered species with saccate petals growing in the same mountain range just a few miles apart.

sowing Lilium georgei # 1 BO ´03.17 (Lgeorg1)
50% germination, seedlings –> in-vitro (06.20)

product-image in courtesy of Bjørnar Olsen