Lilium farreri



Lilium farreri (W. E. Evans) Harrow 1928 (formerly Nomocharis farreri)

This lily got a new, valid name in 2020, Lilium sealyi in 2020. Never the less we keep to farreri still for avoiding any mess.

China (W Yunnan), N Myanmar; in forests, bamboo forest margins, grassy places; altitude 2.700 – 3.400 m

sowing Lilium farrerii # 1 SB (12.16) (Lfarr1)
source: Susan Band, Pitcairn Alpines, Scotland
less than 10% germination, very few seedlings

sowing Lilium farreri # 2 Mel (02.20) (Lfarr2)
source: Melvyn Herbert, Wales
25% germination

sowing Lilium farreri # 3 SG (02.21) (Lfarr3)
source Bjornar Olsen 13-072 / Steve Garvie
sowing (03.21)
germination (04.21)

sowing Lilium farreri # 3 SG (11.21) (Lfarr4)
source: Steven Garvie, Scotland

product-image in courtesy of Steven Garvie