Lilium brevistylum formerly unidentified Lilium species Nr. 2

Seeds have been collected in Tibet, it is about a high-alpine plant growing near Linchi, South-East Tibet, at an altitude of 4.300 m. It´s very likely that it is about Lilium brevistylum.

Lilium species Tibet No. 2 (Tibet), image in courtesy of Steve Garvie

Description and Laboratory comment:
This plant shows similarities to Lilium nanum, but has clear differences in its habitus referring the flower-shape, coulour, leaves, the seed-pod´s size and finally the seeds themselves. So likely it´s about a new, still undescribed species. Seeds have been collected and sent from Yijia Wang a couple of years ago, plants were raised by Steve Garvie we finally received the seeds from.
Referring to its habitat of 4.300 m it´s the highest-alpine Lilium we are actually processing in our laboratory.

Steve Garvie added: Compare the nanum and nanum flavidum seed with the “Wang Lily” seeds which show a big difference. Also the seed pods are different. Look at the following images comparing the seed and seed pods of the Wang Lily and various Lilia nana. On the left side unidentified Lilium brevistylum (Lilium species Nr. 2), Lilium nanum to the right.


to the left seedpod of Lilium species Tibet Nr. 2
Image in courtesy of Steve Garvie


Seeds of Lilium species Tibet Nr. 2
Image in courtesy of Steve Garvie

Flowers, are darkening in the course of time:

The three pictures in courtesy of Steve Garvie

Lilium species Tibet Nr. 2 in its natural habitat,
picture in courtesy of Yijia Wang

sowing Lilium brevistylum (unidentified Lilium species Nr. 2) # 1 YW (Ltibet2a)
sowing (04.21)
germination (05.21)

Product-image in courtesy of Steve Garvie