Lilium x testaceum



Lilium x – testaceum

Valia Kirna/Greece (where a natural habitat shall still occur)

Laboratory comment:
Since it is a hybrid, our ambitions are rather restrained, but its natural occurrence still justifies paying attention to reproduction here. The colour of the flowers is impressive in pastel. A more intense salmon-coloured-alike flower colour, which we strive for, is achieved by backcrossing x-testaceum x Lilium chalcedonicum which comes close to the initial description of the so-called Nankeen-Lily.

bulbs, scales Lilium x-testaceum bulbs/scales # 1 AB ´10.18 (Lxtest1)
seedlings, reserve-stock

Lilium x-testaceum in courtesy of Alan Mitchell

bulbs, scales Lilium x-testaceum # 2 RH ´09.19 (Lxtest2)
young plants, reserve-stock

product-image in courtesy of Berthold Gross