Lilium wigginsii



Lilium wigginsii Beane & Vollmer 1955
Lilium pardalinum subsp. wigginsii (Beane & Vollmer) M.W.Skinner

Kews subsume Lilium wiginsii under Lilium pardalinum and consider it to be a Lilium pardalinum subspecies.

Kews accept following infraspecifics:
Lilium pardalinum subsp. pardalinum
Lilium pardalinum subsp. pitkinense (Beane & Vollmer) M.W.Skinner
Lilium pardalinum subsp. shastense (Eastw.) M.W.Skinner
Lilium pardalinum subsp. vollmeri (Eastw.) M.W.Skinner
Lilium pardalinum subsp. wigginsii (Beane & Vollmer) M.W.Skinner

Laboratory comment:
We will mention Lilium wigginsii separately instead.

Lilium wigginsii in courtesy of Peter Shotter

Western North America; fresh soil in the near of rivers

sowing Lilium wigginsii # 1 CH (11.16) (Lwigg1)
source: Chris Hind, Scotland
germination (12.17)

sowing Lilium wigginsii # 2 RHS (02.20) (Lwigg2)
source: RHS lily-group, UK
germination (09.20)

sowing Lilium wigginsii # 3 PW (01.17) (Lwigg3)
source: Pontus Wallstén, Switzerland
germinatiuon (06.17)

product-image in courtesy of Alan Mitchell