Lilium wardii



Lilium wardii F. Stern 1932

Tibet; grassy places in open coniferous forests; 2.000 – 3.000

Laboratory comment:
Apart other sources we received seeds from Bjørnar Olsen in late 2018.
Bjørnar Olsen added that seeds of BO-8095 ident with (Lward3) have been collected in Lingzhi, Bomi

bulbs Lilium wardii bulbs/scales # 1 AM (11.18) (Lward1)
source: Alan Mitchell, Scotland

in courtesy of Alan Mitchell

bulbs Lilium wardii bulbs/scales # 2 HZ (12.18) (Lward2)
source: Henrik Zebrowski, Norway
planted, reserve-stock

sowing Lilium wardii Bo-8095 # 3 BO (12.18) (Lward3)
source: Bjoernar Olsen, Norway/China
germination (06.19)
tissue-culture (01.21)

sowing Lilium wardii # 4 (01.21) (Lward4)
source: Michael Homick, USA
sowing (03.21)

sowing Lilium wardii # 5 (02.21) (Lward5)
source: Woodward, USA

sowing Lilium wardii # 6 (10.23) (Lward6)
source: Finn Carlsen, Denmark

sowing Lilium wardii # 7 (02.23) (Lward7)
source: Scottish Rock Garden Club, Scotland

product-image in courtesy of Steven Garvie