Lilium shastense



Lilium shastense (Eastw.) Beane

Its native range is from South Oregon to North California

Lilium shastense is kept as closely related to Lilium pardalinum thus referring to Kews subsumed as subspecies under the latter species as Lilium pardalinum subsp. shastense (Eastw.) M.W.Skinner. There are some referencies mixing Lilium shastense up with Lilium kelleyanum, possibly due to the overlapping habitat and the the colour of some flowering clones.
However, we consider it useful for our purposes to list Lilium shastense separately by not contradicting the taxonomy-aspect.

sowing Lilium shastense # 1 Pit ´12.16 (Lshast1)
50% germination –> seedlings –> tissue-culture (07.20)

sowing Lilium shastense # 2 CH ´05.17 (Lshast2)
25% germination –> seedlings

product-image in courtesy of Alan Mitchell