Lilium primulinum var. burmanicum 036 ex Y Ty Plateau (North-Vietnam)



Lilium poilanei Gagnepain 1934


Laboratory comment:
Alan Mitchell wrote: Two forms of Lilium primulinum var. burmanicum, from Vietnam. While the standard reference books list Yunnan, Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand, as countries where primulinum grows, none mention Vietnam. I obtained seed, collected by Peter Zale in 2013, (see “The search for epiphytic Lilium species in Vietnam and Myanmar”, Lilies and Related Plants 2015-2016). I planted a few bulbs in the garden and a few in pots, which I kept in the greenhouse. I thought I would lose the bulbs in the garden, because I couldn’t give them the protection I could give the bulbs, which were in pots. This proved to be the wrong assumption, as the bulbs in the pots rotted, while the bulbs in the garden have grown and flowered.
I think both lilies are very fine, but I feel the brighter yellow one is a real beauty. Although these are both forms of primulinum var. burmanicum they have flowered two months apart, the darker flower (ref:036) in early August and the brighter flowered (ref:009) now, in early October.

sowing Lilium primulinum var. burmanicum 036 ex Y Ty Plateau (North-Vietnam) # 036 PZ ´04.23 (LprimTy1)
habitat: Y Ty Plateau, North Vietnam, collected by Peter Zale as “036”
source: Steve Garvie, Scotland
sowing: (05.23)
germination: (07.23)
tc: (03.24)

product-image in courtesy of of Alan Mitchell