Lilium pinifolium L.J.Peng 1985

China (NW Yunnan); forests; 3.300 – 3.400 m.

Laboratory comment:
We got bulbs of this lilium species sent by Mian Lee from China late in 2020. Anyhow we are circling around Lilium semperviveum more and more as this lily has been classified as Lilium sempervivoideum ssp. pinifolium.

scales Lilium pinifolium # 1 WP ´12.20 (Lpini1)
tissue-culture ´01.21

scales Lilium pinifolium # 2 BoP ´10.20 (Lpini2)
tissue-culture ´11.20

scales Lilium pinifolium # 3 US ´11.20 (Lpini3)
tissue-culture ´11.21

alas we don´t dispose of a picture showing the flower