Lilium papilliferum



Lilium papilliferum Franchet 1892

China (Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan). Bushy slopes; 1.000 – 1.300 m

Laboratory comment:
Alas, we have never found a source for seeds until now and are still miles away from any sort of clonal diversity of that species. Seeds will be donated from trustful sources in 2021. Papilliferum is a late-flowering species which lets mature the seed-pods until far into the autumn what often causes rotting or damage due to the first frosts. So seeds are rarely seen. All which are processes here at the moment are tissue-cultured from scales, what is rather suboptimal referring our aims.

bulbs/scales Lilium papilliferum bulbs/scales # 1 LD ´04.18 (Lpap1)

bulbs/scales Lilium papilliferum bulbs/scales # 2 PW ´12.18 (Lpap2)

bulbs/scales Lilium papilliferum bulbs/scales # 3 PW ´12.19 (Lpap3)
young shoots –> seedlings

seeds of Lilium papilliferum

bulbs/scales Lilium papilliferum bulbs/scales # 4 PW ´11.20 (Lpap4)
tissue-culture (11.20)

bulbs/scales Lilium papilliferum bulbs # 5 Wenqing Perner ´02.21 (Lpap5)
reserve-garden Christoph Raser (02.21), preparation to tc after flower and correct ID

sowing Lilium papilliferum # 6 MH ´01.21 (Lpap6)
source Spence
sowing (01.21)

sowing Lilium papilliferum # 7 Toon ´03.21 (Lpap7)
source Martin Toon, New Zealand

bulbs/scales Lilium papilliferum bulbs # 8 LD ´10.21 (Lpap8)
tc-preparation (10.21)

Lilium papilliferum in courtesy of Steve Garvie