Lilium nanum var. nanum (ex Sikkim)



Lilium nanum Klotzsch & Garcke 1862

Two infraspecifics are known and accepted referring to Kew Gardens:
Lilium nanum var. nanum and Lilium nanum var. flavidum (listed separately)

China, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sikkim; forest margins, thickets, grassy slopes, alpine grasslands, altitude 3.500 – 4.500 m

Steven Garvie wrote: These were raised from GBG seed, probably from a collection made in NE Sikkim. They look fairly similar to a form of nanum that was once briefly commercially available called “Bhutan Blue”. Looking at the map, Sikkim does have a border with Bhutan. Whilst not true blue they are perhaps the closest to blue that I have ever seen in a lily.

both “nana Sikkim” in courtesy of Steve Garvie.

sowing Lilium nanum var. nanum Sikkim SG # 1 (11.21) (LnanSik1)
source: Steven Garvie, Scotland
sowing: (03.23)
germination: (04.23)

product-image Lilium nanum var. nanum in courtesy of Steven Garvie