Lilium medeoloides



Lilium medeoloides A. Gray

China, Japan, Korea, Russia; forests, subalpine grasslands, limestone and serpentine areas

Laboratory comment:
We, too, have Lilium debile in growth. This species,of which Kews consider to be an accepted one, and is supposed to show a smaller habitus. In our laboratory Lilium debile seems plainly ahead compared with medeoloides and is about to get tc-ed sooner.

sowing Lilium medeoloides # 1 PA ´01.20 (Lmedeo1)
starting germination (05.20)

sowing Lilium medeoloides # 2 ´02.21 (Lmedeo2)
source Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Ihara, Japan
sowing (03.21)

product-image in courtesy of Dongmin Goh