Lilium martagon var. martagon f. sanguineo-purpureum



Lilium martagon Linnaeus 1753

Laboratory comment:
On that page we introduce a Lilium martagon with plainly reddish coloured flowers, we got entrusted as seeds by Alan Mitchell in 2018.

Kew Gardens just accept two infraspecifics among Lilium martagon, as there is Lilium martagon var. martagon (habitats among Europe) and the Asian variation Lilium martagon var. pilosiusculum. As there are far more (at least colour-strains) we leave Kews´ point of view due to our propagation/preservation aims once more.

Europe (Balkan, Dalmacia); rather dark-red coloured strains; the only dark flowering martagon in Dalmacia which is spotted, whereas var. cattaniae isn´t.

sowing Lilium martagon f. sanguineo-purpureum # 1 AM ´11.18 (Lmartsang1)
source: Alan Mitchell, Scotland (from stock of Chris North)
75% germination, seedlings

product-image in courtesy of Alan Mitchell