Lilium majoense H.Lév. 1909

For Kews a non-valid species but belonging to Lilium primulinum var. ochraceum actually. It´s clearly to see that Lilium majoense looks totally different.

China, Myanmar, Thailand; in open forests and at grassy slopes, altitude 1.200 – 2.700 m

Lilium majoense in courtesy of Bobo Olsen

sowing Lilium majoense # 1 PW ´01.17 (Lmajo1)
25% germination, seedlings –> tissue-culture (09.19)

sowing Lilium majoense # 3 CR ´07.17 (Lmajo3)
Given up although good germination but we weren´t convinced of the identity (04.19)

sowing Lilium majoense # 2 PW ´01.17 (Lmajo2)
less than 10% germination, seedlings –> tissue-culture (06.19)

sowing Lilium majoense To # 4 ´02.20 (Lmajo4)
50% germination, seedlings

in courtesy of Bjørnar Olsen who adds:
“… This is what currently goes around under the name Lilium majoense. As far as I know all plants in culture originated from Chen Yi, but she never gave me an answer to where she sourced them. …”

product-image in courtesy of John Lykkegaard / O.G. Larsen