Lilium iridollae



Lilium iridollae M. G. Henry 1947

Its native range is S. Alabama to NW. Florida; fresh meadows, streamsides, open forests

Laboratory comment:
This has ever been a species we intensively we did search for and got seeds from a reliable source entrusted finally. We currently hold approx. 12 clones that gradually reach the size to be transferred to tissue-culture one after the other.


sowing Lilium iridollae # 1 PZ ´08.17 (Liri1)
25% germination –> seedlings –> tissue-culture (09.20)

sowing Lilium iridollae # 2 MH ´01.21 (Liri2)
NALS´ source
sowing (01.21)

sowing Lilium iridollae # 3 A ´01.21 (Liri3)
source Bouche
sowing (03.21)
germination (05.21)

sowing Lilium iridollae # 4 B ´01.21 (Liri4)
source Bouche
sowing (03.21)
germination (05.21)

product-image in courtesy of Mike Wang