Lilium humboldtii Duchartre 1870

Its native range is California to Mexico (Baja California); grassy and open forests

Kews accept two infraspecifics only, Lilium humboldtii subsp. humboldtii as type species and Lilium humboldtii subsp. ocellatum (Kellogg) Thorne.
Var./subsp. bloomerianum is subsumed under the type-species. We, too, don´t see distinct differences to the type-species but keep to the name as we obtained the material.

bulbs Lilium humboldtii var. bloomerianum bulb/scales # 1 PW ´12.19 (Lhumbbl1)
tissue-culture (08.20)

product-image Lilium humboldtii subsp. bloomerianum in courtesy of Steve Garvie