Lilium forrestii



Lilium forrestii Balf. (formerly Nomocharis forrestii)
very likely ident with accepted Lilium apertum (form. Nomocharis aperta)

China (Yunnan)

Bjørnar Olsen´s comment about W/O-7174 (see below):
Yunnan,  Xianggelila, Tianchi lake; 3.350m

Lilium forrestii in courtesy of Ulrika Johansson

Laboratory comment:
Seeds of (Lforr2) we did receive from Susan Band (Pitcairn Alpines) germinated well and the first plants already flowered in a reserve-garden. We kept tissue back (the first tissue which was retracted in order to build up the in-vivo clone-bank in late 2017)

sowing Lilium forrestii W/O-7174 # 1 BO ´11.19 (Lforr1)
germinated –> seedlings

sowing Lilium forrestii # 2 SB ´12.16 (Lforr2)
germinated –> seedlings

sowing Lilium forrestii # 3 Finn Carlsen ´09.20 (Lforr3)
sowing pending (09.20)

sowing Lilium forrestii # 4 Finn Carlsen ´10.23 (Lforr4)
source: Finn Carlsen, Denmark

product-image in courtesy of Steve Garvie