Lilium columbianum (Gene Mirro strain)



Lilium columbianum Hanson ex Baker 1874

Native range is W. Canada to NW. California; fresh meadows between rocks and open forests, up to 1.600 m

Laboratory comment:
We obtained seeds of Lilium columbianum from Gene Mirro. His clones of (Lcol7) we called “central spot” inofficially due to the unusually dark coloured centres. The results might be promising.

in courtesy of Gene Mirro

sowing Lilium columbianum (central spot) # 7 GM (09.17) (Lcol7)
source: Gene Mirro, USA
25% germination –> seedlings –>
tissue-culture (07.20)
tissue-culture (09.20)

product-image in courtesy of Gene Mirro