Lilium cf souliei



Lilium souliei Franchet 1898

China, Sichuan, SE Xizang, Yunnan; thicket margins and grassy slopes; altitude 1.200 – 3.900 m

sowing Lilium species cf souliei # 1 BO (03.17) (Lcfsoul1)
source: Bjoernar Olsen, Norway/China
25% germination (10.17)
tissue-culture (06.19)

Laboratory comment:
Seeds of Lcfsoul1 have been collected in Yunnan, Nujiang, Biluo Xueshan pass, at an altitude of 3.900 m. In this area Lilium apertum occurs as well, so it´s still not entirely verified if results of these stocks we are processing will be about Lilium souliei although the seedlings´ habitus comes close to other true Lilium souliei we keep in-vitro.That´s why Bjørnar Olsen acted carefully and forwarded the seeds as Lilium cf souliei we are bound to.
So far we have a few clones of that species in tc, based upon seedling no. 6, no. 18 and some more.
Lilium souliei proves to be extremely tricky in vitro, so does cf souliei. This is – so far – restricted to the germination-time including the first 3-4 months of the further development.

product-image in courtesy of Ernst Gügel