Lilium auratum var. virginale



Lilium auratum Lindl.

endemic in Japan

Kew Gardens just accept 2 infraspecifics, Lilium auratum var. auratum and Lilium auratum var. platyphyllum, but especially Lilium auratum disposes of some extraordinary, showy flowers that we tend towards keeping strains apart according their parental plants which got pollinated or bulbs we received and cloned them directly from their scales (tc-iv-b).

sowing Lilium auratum var. virginale # 1 Fuko (02.20) (Lauravirg1)
source: F. Kotoryi, Japan
75% germination –> seedlings

sowing Lilium auratum var. virginale # 2 Toon (01.20) (Lauravirg2)
source: Martin Toon, New Zealand
50% germination –> seedlings

product-image in courtesy of Karl Kristenson