Lilium apertum (Franchet) E. H. Wilson 1925 (formerly Nomocharis aperta)

China (SW Sichuan, Xizang, NW Yunnan), N. Myanmar; in broad-leaved forests, bamboo scrub, alpine grasslands; altitude at 3.000 – 3.900 m. Sometimes Lilium apertum shares the same habitat with Lilium souliei but even then seems far more tolerant in cultivation than soulei is.
The habitats of (Lapert2) are defined as follows, Yunnan, Nujiang, Biluo Xueshan, altitude 3.600 – 3.900 m.

Laboratory comment:
We received seeds of this specimen from Steve Garvie who raises this apertum strain with blue anthers. We are quite certain this remarkable sign will come true by seeds.

in courtesy of Steve Garvie

sowing Lilium apertum blue pollinia SG # 5 ´02.21 (Lapert4)
source Bjornar Olsen coll. 3.35, Yaping Pass, Fugong, Nujiang, Yunnan, seed-source of followed generations Steve Garvie
sowing (02.21)
germination (04.21)

product-image in courtesy of Steve Garvie