Lilium yunnanense



Lilium bakerianum Collett & Hemsley 1890

Kew Gardens accept following infraspecific species
Lilium bakerianum var. aureum A.Grove & Cotton
Lilium bakerianum var. bakerianum
Lilium bakerianum var. delavayi (Franch.) E.H.Wilson
Lilium bakerianum var. rubrum Stearn
Lilium bakerianum var. yunnanense (Franch.) Sealy ex Woodcock & Stearn

in courtesy of Bjørnar Olsen

Laboratory comment:
Bjørnar Olsen described a very short form of Lilium bakerianum var. yunnanense, which he mentioned by its former name Lilum yunnanense.
Bjørnar Olsen added: “… seen in three separate spots along the Tiger Leaping Gorge. I’ve tentatively settled on it being another one in the Lilium yunnanense complex, but it’s incredibly short and stout compared to what we introduced last year – just some 25 cm tall with very wide leaves.”
In late 2019 Lilium-tc received seeds from that pod and observed brilliant germination within a short period of time.

sowing Lilium yunnanense species nova W/O-9156 # 1 BO ´11.19 (Lyun1)
almost 100% germination –> seedlings

product-image of Lilium yunnanense in courtesy of Chris Hind