Lilium szovitsianum (Lszo5, in memoriam Zhirair Basmajyan)



Lilium szovitsianum Fischer & Ave-Lallemant 1840

NE-Turkey to Caucasus

Laboratory comment:
Zhirair Basmajyan from Armenia collected them directly from Caucasus mountains.
We got seeds from Guntis Grants in April 2023, followed by the sad story that Zhirair Basmajyan has been murdered. In honor of Zhirair Basmajyan, we will name the resulting clones after him. R.I.P. Zhirair.

Zhirair Basmajyan

sowing Lilium szovitsianum Zhirair Basmajyan # 5 ´04.23  (Lszo5)
source: Zhirair Basmajyan, Armenia, from bulbs grown by Guntis Grants, Latvia
germination: (06.23)

product-image in courtesy of Guntis Grants