Lilium primulinum Baker 1892

actually accepted infraspecifics as follows
Lilium primulinum var. burmanicum
Lilium primulinum var. ochraceum
Lilium primulinum var. primulinum

Laboratory comment:
We leave Kews´ taxonomy here on purpose and incline towards listing the different subspecies of Lilium primulinum separately. The reason for that is the still insufficient genetic analysis of the entire Lilium primulinum complex. Lilium poilanei, Lilium nepalense and most of all Lilium majoense are supposed to be closely related to Lilium primulinum and maybe will get integrated into the primulinum-complex one day.
We received a bulb of Rock´s variety from Pontus Wallstén in 2019 and tc-ed it. Until then discussions popped up as the originally described plant carries smaller flowers. So all in all we aren´t sure if it is about Rock´s but it is about Lilium primulinum var ochraceum by all means. Despite of some doubts remaining it was totally worth cloning this plant in order to ensure the clone´s existance.

Lilium primulinum var. ochraceum Rock´s variety occurs in Yunnan (SE, near Mengtze) but is totally rare. One of the rarest lilies ever and possibly already extinct in the wild.

Lilium primulinum var. ochraceum Rock’s variety bulbs/scales # 1 YW ´12.19 (LprimochRock1)
source: Yijia Wang, China
tissue-culture –> seedlings (09.19)

Lilium primulinum var. ochraceum Rock’s variety bulbs/scales # 2 PW ´12.19 (LprimochRock2)
source: Pontus Wallstén, Switzerland
tissue-culture –> seedlings (09.19)

Lilium primulinum var ochraceum Rock´s variety BO W/O-8086(LprimochRock3)
source: Bjoernar Olsen, Norway/China
tissue-culture –> seedlings (12.20)

Lilium primulinum var. ochraceum BO 16-066 # 3 BO ´11.21 (LprimochRock4)
source: Bjoernar Olsen, Norway/China
stock: Steve Garvie
sowing (11.21)
germination (04.22)

product-image in courtesy of Pontus Wallstén