Lilium paradoxum



Lilium paradoxum Stearn 1956

South-East Tibest; among bushes, grassy slopes, rocky places; altitude 3.200 – 3.900 m

Laboratory comment:
We are actually fighting towards a very limited amount of seedlings on the one hand and a contamination within the flasks which has taken place at a very early stage on the other. Moreover it´s not totally certain that it will be about paradoxum at all. This can only be cleared later. In any case it will be about a very tiny lily occurying from a high altitude. However it is distinct from Lilium saccatum and Lilium nanum. It comes very close to Lilium souliei.

Lilium paradoxum # 1 YW ´11.16 (Lparadox1)
source: Yijia Wang, China
50% germination –> seedlings –> tissue-culture (03.20)

Lilium paradoxum # 2 YW ´03.17 (Lparadox2)
source: Yijia Wang, China
25% germination, seedlings –> tissue-culture (09.20)

Lilium paradoxum # 3 Bej ´09.18 (Lparadox3)
source: Botanical Garden, China
10% germination, seedlings –> tissue-culture (01.20)

product-image in courtesy of Alan Mitchell