Lilium matangense



Lilium matangense Xu 1985

China; altitude 3.200 – 3.300 m

Bjørnar Olsen commented:
Sichuan (Maerkang, Matang), altitude 3250m. Only known from a single (and tiny) location, where it is extremely threatened from grazing, development, reforestation, road works, collecting botanists, you name it! I’m paying a local to keep an eye on them, although I’m not sure it will make much difference. The price? Part of it is me making a living of course, but it hopefully also ensures that these seeds end up in the hands of good growers who have the experience to care for them properly. Growing on a sunny limestone and clay slope, both in shrubbery, and exposed on the cliffs.

sowing Lilium matangense BO 16-065 # 1 BO ´03.17 (Lmatang1)
75% germination, seedlings -> tissue-culture (09.19)
source: Bjoerner Olsen, Norway
50% germination, seedlings (resowed 11.19)

sowing Lilium matangense SG # 2 (10.22) (Lmatang2)
source: Steven Garvie (Bjoerner Olsen´s stock), Scotland

sowing Lilium matangense SG # 3 (12.22) (Lmatang3)
source: Steven Garvie (Bjoerner Olsen´s stock), Scotland
sowing: (05.23)
germination: (06.23)

Lilium matangense in courtesy of Steve Garvie

product-image in courtesy of Steve Garvie