Lilium martagon var. martagon f. cattaniae Norrland



Lilium martagon Linnaeus 1753

Kew Gardens just accept two infraspecifics among Lilium martagon, as there is Lilium martagon var. martagon (habitats among Europe) and the Asian variation Lilium martagon var. pilosiusculum. As there are far more (at least colour-strains) we leave Kews´ point of view due to our propagation/preservation aims once more.

Europe (Balkan, Dalmacia)

Norrland is said to be the so far darkest martagon var. cattaniae-clone ever, almost black flowers, curiously found/selected in Sweden but certainly of Dalamacian origin. Kept like an eye-apple for long it is our aim to make this impressing clone accessible to more growers.
We kindly thank to Larz Danielsson for the donation and allowance using this clone for tc, distributing later.

bulb/scales of LmartNorr1 prepared for tissue-culture (LmartNorr1), (11.20)
source: Larz Danielson, Sweden

all pictures incl. product-image in courtesy of Ulrika Johansson